Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News & Whatnot

We'll be right back after these messages. Do change your channel around in the mean time.

The Leaf issue no. 3 has been published online. Check out the articles!

● What is Ddok tea? Find out here.

● Jason Fasi (aka: bearsbearsbears) is well on his way to become a master potter. All the best, Jason!

Winexiles is conducting an online tasting of German rieslings (and everything else from Germany -- beer, liquor, sauerkraut, etc.). Do join us!

● This is a bit old and has probably lost some fizz, but the Wine Spectator Magazine bestowed an Awards of Excellence to a bogus restaurant with a below average wine list. The news caught the world of wine in a whirlwind. [Discussion in WS forum]

Vladimir Putin shot a tiger and saved a TV crew. Big deal! Dick Cheney shot his friend and probably saved some quails from a certain demise.


Bill said...

OMG Phyll, that was so funny!

~ Phyll said...

Hi Bill (Clinton?!?!), you mean about Dick Cheney? Yes, it's quite tragic but funny, too. :)