Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thai Snacks For Tea Time

Our modus operandi whenever my wife and I hit the Thai town on Hollywood Boulevard is to treat ourselves to some authentic home-cooked style Thai dishes at our favorite restaurant. We know a little cozy place that serves no fancy-schmancy stuff, but just good, delicious (and spicy!) Thai dishes. Then we would visit a Thai snack specialty store just right across the parking lot. It is always a better idea to come to this snack store with a full stomach, otherwise you will just get every single delicious item they carry!

So, we got some stuff that we thought would go perfectly well with a cup of tea at home. When I realized how photogenic these snacks are, I decided to snap a few pictures and blog them.

They are perfectly great with a cup of light green tea or jasmine.

Clockwise from top left: Sweet coconut shavings, caramelized sugar-coated rolled banana chips, seedless sumptuous tamarinds, black sesame toffee.

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