Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Water color paintings of rural farmlands and tea fields in Western Java. I obtained these paintings while vacationing with my family there. The first two depict tea harvesting.

2002 Coutet St. EmillionSo with your overflowing passion you would like to grow grapes and make wines. Where do you start? You need a nice piece of terroir that will give birth to the wines of your dream.

Say you love Cabernet Sauvignon, how about this Napa Valley parcel for $3,900,000:

"Estate site with Silverado Trail address near Dariush and Reynold Family Winery. 10 plus plantable acres, already staked 8x5. Park like setting to the Napa River 1400sf cottage, natural stone exterior fully landscaped, trellis cover patio, great vineyard hills and river views."

Perhaps your passion lies with Malbec, instead. Then this winery in Argentina might do for a mere $489,000:

"Amazing winery that shows very well with 1,113,000 liter capacity located on the main highway (188) between Buenos Aires and Chile and only 2km from the center of the city, General Alvear. . The winery has a 3 bedroom/1bath apartment attached to the property."

The above properties and others are
listed here.

2002 Coutet St. EmillionHave you tried L'Occitane Green Tea Shower Gel before? It's quite nice and uplifting in the morning. It reminds me of Tai Ping Hou Kui (monkey king) green tea, but sweeter.

Photo: L'Occitane


EvenOdd said...

I hope you're using the shower gel for your body and not your mouth. I know it can be confusing that early in the morning when you're still groggy.

I like the paintings. The second one is my favorite.

The Simple Leaf said...

I like the watercolor paintings. Did you try any Indonesian tea while you were there? What's it like?

~ Phyll said...

Thank you, The Simple Leaf. The only decent Indonesian tea I had while I was there was the Jawa Oolong from a local store. I wrote a bit about it here:

gr8face said...

I love l'occitane and tried the green tea. It is lovely in the morning.

~ Phyll said...

Thank you for your comment, gr8face. I's very refreshing and...ummm...lovely in the morning. Makes me feel so trendy metrosexual :)

Nowadays, I'm using its Eau des Baux line. Very calming yet refreshing at the same time.