Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a Day!

It's currently 12:40am on Sunday, and I just got back from dinner in Pasadena with a bunch of people, including Chen Zhi Tong, Guang, Liang Chun Chih (Executive Editor of the Art of Tea mag), Aaron Fisher (Sr. Editor) and most of the LA Tea Affair members. Drank too much great wines, too.

(I am a bit tipsy as I am writing this)

What an amazing day! I made acquaintances with so many great people from various trades and background. And we brewed teas from the 1950's Hong Yin, 1960's Ba Zhong Huang Yin, 1990's Menghai Green Big Tree, and other outstanding old and young teas (I was asked to take charge of one of the tasting tables).

More later. I am too drunk and tired...and tomorrow will be a long day again, starting with a 9am dim sum with Mary Lou Heiss, Robert J. Heiss (both tea book authors), Guang, Chen Zhi Tong, and others.

Good night!


nick said...

Wish I could have joined you guys yesterday night... My wife was set on sichuan food, however =). The spicy peppers leave a "stomach-feel" as opposed to a throatfeel of some of the teas we sampled yesterday.

Thanks again for helping to arrange things yesterday; it was a great success!

Nikhil said...

Congratulations on pulling off what sounds like a highly successful event!! Look forward to hearing more about it...