Thursday, August 14, 2008

Centipede On a Stick, Anyone?

Caught this NBC segment today of Al Roker and Chef Ming Tsai snacking in Beijing. Makes me think that I should be on a strict centipede diet in order to lose a few unwanted pounds...because I wouldn't eat any of it! I'd chew down most of the stuff there without a second thought, although I'm a bit hesitant about the scorpions. Not the centipedes, though...uh uh, no thanks. *shaking my head*

These are all kid's meal compared to the things this guy has eaten.


Geri Atric said...

As a child I would regularly ingest midges, whilst cycling along full tilt with my mouth open gasping for breath - but the thought of anything more insectified than that...
EEOOUUWWW! Shudder..barf..choke!!!!

~ Phyll said...

Growing up, I have always had a phobia of centipedes and cockroaches.

We Chinese eat everything! If Indiana Jones were a Chinese guy, everytime he sees snakes he'd probably say "Yum!" instead of panicking.