Sunday, May 14, 2006

TN: 2000 Hai Wan Factory Gu Hua Pu-erh, Raw

Jing Tea Shop in Guangzhou was kind enough to send me some pu-erh samples along with my order of several pu-erh beengs and bricks. One of the samples that they sent me is a 7gr compressed piece of 2000 Hai Wan Factory Gu Hua Cha, raw, from a 375gr beeng type pu-erh (see picture below, courtesy of Jing Tea Shop).

2000 Hai Wan Factory Gu Hua Cha Beeng
Dry appearance: dark colored small whole leaves with some red ones. Smell quite green, woody, and appealingly fresh. Seemed like it's been stored well.

Medium brown/red liquor. This is one of the more earthy and woody pu-erh. There is an aroma of wood, earth, camphor, and what I thought to be black forest mushrooms. In the mouth the coarse tannin is still present abundantly (of course, this being a relatively young pu-erh at this time), and the taste of the black mushrooms is quite persistent. A slight bitter note. I like it. It's a brooding and serious pu-erh. Medium length finish. It reminds me of some earthy, brooding and mushroomy pinot noirs.

===+/5 (good - very good)


Anonymous said...

I, too, got a 7g sample of 2000 Hai Wan Factory Gu Hua Cha Beeng from Jing Tea Shop. I ordered a bunch of samples, and they threw that in there too. Now that you've given a review, I'll have to try it next. I'll see how it goes.

- EvenOdd

Salsero said...

Do you refer to the mushrooms you buy dried in the Chinese grocery store and soak in water before using?

~ Phyll said...

Salsero, For this particular tea, no. What I was referring to was the dark, earthy mushrooms like the smell of the underside of portobello. It's more of the brooding type of smell.

The Chinese mushrooms that you may be referring to are the "shitake" type that gives out sweet smelling aroma. This tea was not like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Peter, I'm from CZ. I have this cake in home, but I think that is'n goog, flavour is very smoky, and I¨m not joy from this puer...What You think?