Sunday, September 24, 2006

TN: 2004 Marquis de Goulaine, Rosé d’Anjou “La Roseraie”

04 Rose d'AnjouA good rosé is a high quality wine of terroir. Too bad that in the US most people regard a wine that is neither red nor white as unsophisticated. For good reasons too. Most "pink wines" from California, which produces the majority of US pink wine output, are made with 2 things in mind: quantity and revenue maximization. These are usually made from the zinfandel variety, though lately other grape varieties such as merlot, syrah, and grenache have seen their share of pinkness.

The wineries in Provence, Loire and other regions in France, on the other hand, are very passionate about their rosés, which have been perfected for centuries. These areas produce some of the most interesting rosés that I think are worlds apart in quality compared to the ocean of pink plonks produced in California.

I looked into my wine fridge and found that I still have 4 bottles of rosés (a Côtes du Rhône, a Tavel, a Côtes de Provence, and this Anjou) that I had planned to open during the summer. Gotta drink them up soon lest they get stale by next summer!

TN: 2004 Marquis de Goulaine, Rosé d’Anjou “La Roseraie”
($11 regular, purchased for $7 at Chronicle Wine in Pasadena).

Lively pink-red color. Plenty of tropical fruits soaked in subtle rose water. This wine is bright and refreshing. Its high notes and acidity livened up the palate and made the wine seem sweet, though there is barely any residual sugar. At 11%, it is quite a nimble wine. Dry finish. This is a pleasant wine that is far from being a cliché, yet perfect for easygoing enjoyment. A good bargain!

3 stars (g)

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