Tuesday, August 7, 2007

L.A. Tap Water As Good As Bottled Water

Harken and rejoice, tea lovers in Los Angeles! Our tap water seems to have outdone itself. It was judged to be as good as bottled water.

As good as Aquafina? : )

"L.A. tap water came out on top in a 2006 blind tasting, beating water from New York and Seattle, among others. One judge called L.A.'s water 'exceptional. Like a bottled water.'"

Read the full commentary by Tom Standage here on the detriment to the environment caused by the bottled water industry.


Anonymous said...

There you go - no more Volvic for you Phyll :)

David Lesseps said...

Considering that it is not uncommon for bottled water to come from a tap... well yes, it probably is "as good as bottled water."

ankitlochan said...


i would like to subscribe to ur blog and receive regular updates.

can you help me on this please?


~ Phyll said...

Thanks for your interest, Ankit. I will get back to you personally by email soon.

Anonymous said...

This is very great for LA. You can save some time boiling water before preparing the tea. Where I live, the tap water is rated high in Cl and some very harmful substance that everyone advises it's best to drink bottle water. So I have to prepare the tea using bottle water. It's not the ideal situation but it's the best I can do. Anyway, good for LA tea lovers///