Monday, September 4, 2006

I Consume Tea?

Nowadays, I can't really tell if I consume tea or tea consumes me. I went to the Whole Foods Market for some cereal, and what did I get impulsively? A cereal with "Matcha Green Tea" that I've never tried before. Just because there are "green tea" words on the label, I bought it. How does it taste? Like a cereal without any green tea in it. I can't even see any green tea powder or any hint of it in the cereal. I'm such a sucker!

Matcha Cereal???The other day, as I wrote in my previous post, I chose a green tea ice cream over the perfectly luscious rocky road chocolate flavor.

Today, I went into Pottery Barn, which is a home store, out of the blue just to look around, and I looked at nothing except porcelain wares for gong fu tea stuff. Yes, I bought some wares because they are green, like green tea, and on 50% clearance sale.

I need help, don't I? Do you too?


Tess Grey said...

I've been peering at that cereal box and trying to figure out what seems so boggling about it...I think it's the hyphenated Banana-Flax-Almond. Somehow, the hyphens pull everything together mentally and have the effect of rendering the individual words meaningless. Banana-Flax-Almond winds up sounding vaguely science-fiction-y, to me. Like the leader of a conquering race of space aliens.

(Of course, I'm mentally reading it out loud in a robot voice and am emphasizing the word "Flax," so that might explain it. :) )

Thanks for trying it so I don't have to, mwaha!

Stephane said...

This cereal concept reminds me of hakka Lei Cha. However, here we really have green tea powder mixed with grinded cereals. Add warm water and mix and you have tea and cereals in one!

My wife bought 2 kinds of moon cakes recently: red bean and green tea. The second one for me. However, I didn't like it. Actually, I start to feel that the green tea they use for flavoring is the lowest quality level, one you wouldn't use for brewing. So now I start to have a change of mood about tea in food. Tang dynasty (Lu Yu) started to stop using tea like this. That was probably right and we are now regressing.

For green color ware no problem. Green is a peaceful color and rests the eyes. It's also the color of nature.

Chibi Chibi said...

Hey Phyll! Nice blog! If you like green tea flavored things, you have to try the matcha kit kats ( The are from Japan, but you can find them at the Mitsuwa in Little Tokyo. Cybele from candy blog wasn't crazy about them, but I thought that they were super yum.

~ Phyll said...

Tess: where does it say "Banana-Flax-Almond"? Oh, just right above the MATCHA GREEN TEA! :) The cereal itself tastes decently good, don't get me green tea flavor, though.

Stephane: I love green color. More greens in my wallet helps too with my expensive obsessions.

Chibi: Thanks. Love your blog, too! Matcha kit-kats? Yummm. Do they have merlot kit-kats too? Just kidding. I love all kinds of tea...not only the green ones. In fact, I prefer to drink more darker teas to greener ones regularly.

davelcorp said...

Phyll -- I believe you should try sprinkling some matcha on the cereal, or, you can just brew-up some matcha, and pour that over the cereal instead of milk. Please give us complete tasting notes after you try it out. ;-)

Oh, and don't you think that single-malt scotch whiskey would make the best kit-kat? Mmmm... Laphraoig-Peanut-Butter-Cups!!! (hyphens are for you, Tess)

Tess Grey said...

A thousand thanks for those hyphens, Mr. Dave. I am now craving a Laphraoig-Peanut-Butter-Cup...or, even better, a Laphraoig-Flavoured-Salted-Caramel.

Now I'm pondering single-malt scotch's possible inclusion in breakfast cereals. Lamentably, this would be neither appetizing nor practical.

Back to the drawing board. I will now veer away from leaving unrelated nonsense on your blog, Phyll!

~ Phyll said...

Oh, but I love nonsense, Tess! I'm full of it! So don't veer away...

Imen said...


I agree with the regression of cooking with tea. There are very few tea cooking recipes in China that I could remember as a kid. Tea leaves egg and Lung Jing Shrimp are the most favorite. There has to be a reason why the few recipes vs thousands years of tea drinking.

I tried adding matcha powder in my cupcakes. It didn't taste bad, but definitely didn't wow me like tea would.