Friday, February 2, 2007

T Ching Store Opens Its Cyber Door

Congratulations and best wishes to Michelle Rabin and Sandy Bushberg on the opening of their online tea store! I sincerely hope that their hard work and dedication to bringing quality teas and wares -- not to mention the knowledge-sharing site that is T Ching -- will be successful and rewarding in many ways. (click on the logo above to visit the store)

As I understood from my communication with Michelle and Sandy, more teas and wares of all types will be added to the selection as they become available and pass the quality threshold.

Kindly note that as a guest contributor to the T Ching blog, I maintain my independence from T Ching's for-profit endeavor(s). My sole interest in T Ching remains in the bona fide sharing and querying of tea-related knowledge. I am fortunate to be able to regard Michelle and Sandy as friends in the quest for tea knowledge and experience.

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EvenOdd said...

Perhaps they'll be daring enough to send you some samples to taste and post here :]