Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Invitation To an Online Tasting: Darjeeling Oolongs

Come join an online tasting event that is being organized by T Ching.

Update: due to limited amount of samples, the list is now closed.

What: An online tasting of 3 to 4 teas, mainly oolong teas from Darjeeling, India

When: The teas are en route from India. Exact date TBD

Who: Samples from Ankit Lochan, organized by T Ching, with me helping out

Where: online, by submitting your tasting notes to T Ching

Why: It seems to me that several South Asian countries are starting to produce more of partially fermented teas (aka: oolong) these days, and Darjeeling is perhaps the best-known area that is
actively researching and reviving this style. Let's find out what Darjeeling's terroir and the industry's know-how can offer to a category that has long been (and still is) dominated by China and Taiwan.

If you are able to join, this will make the tasting more fun and lend credence to the collective opinion. I have been asked by Michelle and Sandy of T Ching to help coordinate the event.
Ankit Lochan of Lochan Tea Limited in India is generously providing the samples. Supply of the samples is limited, however, so please sign up at your earliest convenience by letting me know or, if you prefer, contact Michelle and Sandy with your mailing information.

Please don't hesitate to let me/Michelle/Sandy know if you have any questions.

More details of the tasting here.


Danica said...

Hi Phyll,

I am sad that I didn't make it onto the list! Will you include me in the next one?

Also, I think we need to organize an LA tea tasting...


~ Phyll said...

Danica, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make it onto the list! Michelle and Sandy already have your email address and contact info, so you should receive next month's tasting invitation by email (but you still need to accept the invitation). This time T Ching only received 100 - 120 gr of each type of tea, so they can only accomodate a limited number of participants.

Let's plan to meet in March with several others.

~ Phyll said...

Danica, actually, you're in!