Thursday, February 15, 2007

My First Darjeeling Oolongs

In anticipation of the T Ching online tasting event, I purchased 100gr of Hillton Ebony and 50gr of Okayti Ivory -- both Darjeeling oolong teas -- to experiment with from Wild Orchid Teas in Sylvania, Ohio. Thanks to Mr. Ankit Lochan who recommended this excellent vendor.

The Okayti is lightly oxidized, while the Hillton is highly oxidized. Both are only partially oxidized in order to achieve the "oolong" designation. Several sources recommend using 1-2 tsp of dry leaves with 6 - 8 oz of boiling water in a pot for 5 minutes. So I brewed the Okayti following the tea:water:time ratio recommendation in a small porcelain pot. Also, I used a small gaiwan filling it 1/2 full of dry leaves and brewed the tea in short (seconds), multiple infusions.

How was the tea and which method yielded a better brew? I can't say for sure yet, though the Okayti Ivory is quite an aromatic and smooth tea by nature, whether brewed in seconds or in 5 minutes. More experimentation to be done with the Hillton Ebony as well.

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ankitlochan said...

Darjeeling oolongs are rare and unique teas with a special aftertaste.
Okayti comes best in its second infusion while the hillton in its third.
use 2.5gms of tea per standard cup. brew the okayti for 4 minutes and the hillton for 3 minutes.

try this and best of luck .

ankit lochan