Friday, May 4, 2007

Learning Together (Want Some Tea?)

I quickly realized that my musings on the 2001 Menghai Yiwu Zhengshan below probably has little meaning to those of you who couldn't get your hands on this tea in time before it "sold out" or simply because you didn't know it existed. I also realize that the path of tea learning which I stand on is paved with the generosity of others.

"The road to hell..." :)

There are many teas that would have stayed out of my reach, either because of their prices or by my lack of access, if it had not been through the kindness of my friends.

In that same spirit, I would like to share this 2001 Menghai Yiwu Zhengshan with the first 10 individuals who express their interest to me by e-mail (see below). There is no obligation whatsoever on your part to compensate me or to write any tasting notes, though I would love to hear what you think of the tea in private or on this blog. Any contribution to help defray the cost of shipping is strictly voluntary but not necessary.

Apologies beforehand, I can only accommodate 10 interested individuals with about 15 grams each. I don't own a mini scale, so please don't mind the inconsistencies when the tea arrives. You might just get more. Kindly e-mail me your name and mailing address to:

02:25pm 5/5/07 in Los Angeles
10 spots taken
The list is closed
Thank you

PS: If you are a member of the "LA Tea Club", there should be enough left for our enjoyment together when we next meet.

PPS: If I know that you have tasted this tea before, unfortunately I won't be sending you any. So Davelcorp, Hobbes, MarshalN, VL, xcuseme_sg...sorry!


Hobbes said...


You, sir, are a paragon of generosity.



P.s. My thirteen friends here have not been able to try this tea, and have asked me to write to you on their behalf. Their address may seem uncannily similar to mine, but it's a big house.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Phyll. I hope that the participants choose to post their notes. I find it educational the range of experiences that people have with this tea. Perhaps you could compile any TN sent to you and add them to one of the related LJ threads?

By the way, I'm quite embarrassed to see the look of my chicken-scratch on your sample-envelope. I hope you do a nicer packaging job than I did. :-)

MarshalN said...

You're far more generous than me Phyll in terms of the value of the tea you're sending out, if we price it at $165 :)

I'm sure the peeps who get their samples will enjoy it!

~ Phyll said...

Hobbes -- please pass along my apologies to the 13 gremlins living under your bed.

Davelcorp -- I'll do just that when and if I hear from the recipients.

Marshaln -- We know that that's the overvalued (fake) price.