Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Champagne

We celebrated Mother's Day by dining at Saladang Song, a trendy Thai restaurant in Pasadena. Its decor is uplifting, the food delicious, and best of all, the place is relatively family friendly (we had 3 naughty toddlers with us). The weather was perfect and so the 12 of us sat in the restaurant's patio. We all had a wonderful time, albeit the kids were running around being curious about everything.

Afterwards at home, I popped open a 1996 AR Lenoble blanc de blanc Champagne (Grand Cru -- Choully) for my lovely wife. The wine was wonderfully yeasty, toasty, lush and supple. It is full of sweet tangerine and ripe Granny Smith apple nose and taste. Its mousse is soft and mouth filling. A very good bubbly that is ready to drink now. 4 stars (vg).

Photos: Google, Flickr Creative Commons and Wine Spectator Magazine

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