Sunday, June 22, 2008

California Girls and a Malibu Merlot

(Santa Monica Beach, about 5:45pm)

Yeah, we went to the beach again to cool down. Lots of people today.

Afterwards, we rented The Golden Compass, the one with Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and other big names in it. I decided to uncork the 2004 Semler Merlot from Malibu to go with the movie. This is one of the bottles that I purchased while visiting Malibu Family Wines' tasting bar a few weeks ago.

TN: A pleasant, if simple, everyday merlot made from grapes grown in the Saddle Rock – Malibu AVA. There is a certain indistinctiveness on the nose. I think “muddled” is the word that wine critics often use to describe such indecisiveness of aromas. In the mouth, low acidity makes the wine feel rather flat. Primarily of blue and black berries, and secondarily of pleasant earthy tones. The tannins started out coarse and sandy, and improved into a fine, dusty feel with some airing. Medium to long finish.

Overall: A simple-tasting merlot that is quite pleasant and mellow, but unremarkable. It’s a nice everyday wine to enjoy with red-sauced pasta dishes or pizzas (maybe popcorn, too). For $24/bottle, however, there are better Merlot alternatives in this price range to be had from Napa Valley or the Washington State.

2 stars (quite good) -- for both the wine and the movie, coincidentally.

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