Monday, June 2, 2008

Congratulations, The Half-Dipper!

Hobbes -- Tea Blogger of Note
June 2, 2008

Congratulations to Hobbes on earning a well-deserved recognition in the Hall of Blogs of Note for his The Half-Dipper! Those of us who follow Hobbes' blog know too well that he pens a tea blog extraordinaire (and that it's not about a cartoon tiger who likes to dip itself halfway in a bathtub full of tea). Hobbes...I salute you and thank you for your continued excellence.


davidn said...

I think I may have catalyzed this linkage: I happen to have a friend who works at Blogger, and we see each other's shared items in Google Reader. I recently shared Hobbes' post Timing Tea. I suspect he noticed it and liked the blog, and so posted it to Blogs of Note.

Hobbes said...

Dear Phyll,

They must have been short of good blogs, in order to resort to the ol' Half Dipper. :)

Thanks very much for your words - and I really appreciate the Hobbes image, too. I have a red scarf just like that...



P.s. Thanks also for the link, Davidn!

~ Phyll said...

Dear Hobbes,

I personally feel that my blog is a bit better than yours. Nevertheless, I was competely delighted with the fact that yours was selected instead of mine. It's a testament that a tea blog can be "cool" too.


(I obviously skipped the Humility 101 class in college and instead graduated with an online degree in Pomposity. I honestly feel that your blog is one of the best out there on any given subject. Needless to say, mine is not better. Congrats! I appreciate your genuine humility.)