Friday, July 14, 2006

TN: 2004 Giesen Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

Pale yellow. Nose was a bit shy compared to other assertive NZ Sav. Blanc I had in the past. Of gooseberries, cranberries, with steely minerality framing the wine. Explosion of tastes in the mouth with grapefruit and lime coming to mind. A slight effervesence. Refreshing! For $11, you can hardly beat its good value.

3- stars (good, but not as satisfying as other more assertive Marlborough examples)

Additional Info:
The Region: Originally known for its production of prime lamb and wool products, Canterbury is now recognized for it's horticultural diversity, including wine growing. The original vines were planted in Akaroa by French settlers in 1840. A resurgence of interest stems from ongoing research conducted at Canterbury's Lincoln University, initiated in 1973.

The Climate: The vineyards of Giesen Wine Estate are situated on the Canterbury Plains, known for its cooler climate due to the closeness of the Southern Alps. In summer the Alps shelter the plains from Westerly rain and foster a constant warm breeze, keeping humidity very low. Long dry autumns, with warm days and cool nights, enable the fruit to ripen slowly with good levels of acidity and extracts.

The Soil: The region's soils are typically silty loams, overlying deep river gravels. The soils are free draining with low to moderate fertility, requiring irrigation in the dry summer months. This results in low yields and explains the great concentration of fruit flavor and extract in our wines.

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