Tuesday, July 4, 2006

TN: 2005 Spring Great Red Robe (大红袍) Wuyi Oolong

From: Hou De Asian Art for $20.50, 2 ounces.

Brewing method: gaiwan, dry leaves 3/4 full, 100/99 celsius multi-filtered water, flash rinse, and then 7s, 7s, 14s, 20s, 40s, 1.5m, 2.5m.

Dry leaves: long whole leaves, a few are broken. Color ranges from medium brown to charcoal grey. Nose of deep roast with just a slight fruitiness and floral in the background, masked by the roast.

Cha chi: noticable, though somewhat mellow. Calming.

First infusion (7s) had deep roast dominatig the scene and barely anything else in the tea. Second infusion (7s) was noticably more astringent and high toned with the fruity and floral characteristics coming forward a bit, but still overwhelmed by the burnt nose. Third (14s) gave the most complexity with its creamy and smooth feel and fruit and floral coming out better...minty and cooling in the mouth. Fourth (20s) gave a minty and freshening tea, but tasted lighter already, except for the persistent burnt nose. Fifth (40s) light and sweet tasting...dying out. Sixth (1.5m) just the burnt nose. And finally, seventh (2.5m) a glorified colored water with some tea taste. The overall finish from 1st to last infusion was short.

Vendor said: This tea "[H]as an amazing ripe fruity fragrance and changes to delicate floral aroma when cools. Medium-bodied. With flavors of honey, ripe apples, lychees, and later orchid/roses. Not spicy but assertive, mature and round."

I said: Where are you honey, ripe apples, lychess, and roses? Come out and play! No....?

3- stars (good but slightly dissapointing)

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