Monday, March 26, 2007

Images of Spring Time

On Sunday, after drinking tea with Danica, Jonathan, Louise and Will again, I went to the beautiful Descanso Gardens with my family and friends (and their children) to see the wonders of spring time. It was simply lovely!

And children kissing (my daughter kisses her baby cousin)

Next post...a special tea tasting at Danica's.


Bill said...

Too Cute Phyll!

Imen said...

Beautiful! It'd be awesome to have an out door event there for our little tea club, eh?!

~ Phyll said...

Yes, it is a beautiful place, Imen! Unfortunately, "picnicking" is not allowed inside the gardens. There is a specified picnic area next to the parking lot, however, but I don't know how nice that area is (didn't go there).

Imen said...

The Getty might be the only choice then.