Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Nyet!" to Czar Nikolas II Russian Tea

With all due respect to the dead Czar himself, I am afraid I don't have the stomach nor the will to ingest his tea. (to readers who want to know how I got this tea, please refer to my March 18 post, last paragraph).

Last week, I placed half of the tea package content into a metal can with a sheet of white paper placed on the bottom. When I was about to discard the tea this morning, Wa-Wa-Wee-Wa! (I just finished watching Borat on DVD). The white paper is pockmarked with green, oily blots all around!

What did they do to the tea? Did they soak it in some kind of aromatheraphy oil? Is it even safe to drink the stuff? I dare not looks and smells harmful to me. Off everything went into the trash.

Satisfying my curiosity -- $4.99
Throwing my curiosity away -- free of charge
Keeping my health intact -- priceless


Nikhil said...

I think that's a Ceylon tea - Amazon says it is "scented with Safflower, Marigolds, and Blue Mallow Blossoms". The safflower probably accounts for the oily residue.

Either way, it looks toxic.

~ Phyll said...

Yes, it is Ceylon tea as the bottom of the package says.

Scented or soaked? :)

SN said...

i just examined this tea yesterday at an armenian market,
most of the teas there were ceylons,
dont remember if this one smelled of bergamot,, but none of them inspired any purchase...